Become rich and famous–Movie Star Planet is one of the fastest growing online game social universe for teens where each player is a movie star! Players have the ability to create movies and earn Star Coins, Movie Star Planet’s currency system, to climb the ladder of fame. In order to become famous, players are required to create movies that other players have the ability to watch. The more people who watch your movies, the more StarCoins you will recieve to buy better costumes, special effects, and other things that will make your future movies a success.

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Movie Star Planet games are a safe and secure social networking platform for kids between the ages of 8 to 15. The game is based on social interaction. It’s monitored manually, so players playing Movie Star Planet are ALWAYS safe to meet new friends and express themselves. A reporting function is also employed to ensure that the online community stays safe. Players can report a suspicious person in as little as a few mouse clicks. Players can also block harassing users.

Players can use MovieStarPlanet to keep in touch with friends while simultaneously showing off their creativity as they hop on the fast-track to movie stardom. MovieStarPlanet is free to play, but in-game purchases are available to give the player an added advantage on the road to fame. StarCoins can also be purchased via a cell phone or credit card. Personal information is protected. Users who do attempt to make unauthorized purchases are deleted.

The MovieStarPlanet hack provides players with a VIP membership that offers special perks and rewards. There are three tiers to MSP VIP membership: Normal, Super, and Elite–membership can last as little as one week, a month–or even as long as three months to a year. Other advantages to VIP membership in the MSP hack include the ability to add more friends, get more Star Coins (as well as Diamonds!), and purchase exclusive items at the VIP shop. The hacks and cheats tool is 100% free to use!


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